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How to choose the best Virtual Event Platform for your needs

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What is a Virtual Event Platform?

Virtual Event Platforms are solutions that combine a range of tools and features into a single interactive online experience for an online audience. They help organisers plan, promote, and execute virtual events and give attendees as close to the feeling of an in-person event as possible.


Similarities are often drawn between virtual event and video conferencing platforms since they have many features in common. However, unlike video conferencing platforms, virtual event platforms also integrate the pre-event planning and marketing process and provide detailed post-event engagement reports.

What is the best Virtual Event Platform?

The best virtual event platform depends entirely on your needs and preferences! Each platform has its unique set of strengths and weaknesses that may be suitable for some planners' needs and not others. That's why working with a team of skilled experts that have experience with popular platforms makes it easy for you to identify the best platform options for your meeting or event.

Virtual Event Platforms 2021

We compiled a list of the world's most popular virtual event platforms of 2021, tried and tested by our expert producers, and presented below in no particular order.

Platform Support
Learning Curve
24/7 product support
Documentation and learning material readily available
24/7 email and chat support + Pre/Live/Post event support
Project manager support throughout set-up process
24/7 customer support, dedicated event support available with purchase
Intuitive event setup experience with readily available documentation
24/7 designated support + Pre/Live/Post event support
Intuitive event setup experience with support available throughout the set-up process
No live support, email support available
Very simple event setup experience
24 hour email support
Intuitive event setup experience
24/7 emergency event support dedicated event support available with purchase
Intuitive event setup experience
No live support, email support available
Intuitive event setup experience with readily available documentation
No live support, email support available
May require learning to adapt to features and setup process
Chat support + Responsive email support: 8AM - 6PM EST
Simple event setup experience with support available throughout the set-up process
Live support Lounge + Email Support + Chat support
May require learning, but support is available throughout the set-up process
24/7 Phone Support + Email support
Requires learning to make full use of the platform and features available
No live support, email support available
May require learning to make full use of the platform and features available
Live chat support, email and phone support available
May require learning, but support is available throughout the set-up process
Responsive customer support team through customer success portal
May require learning, but support is available throughout the set-up process
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"Our Virtual Events suite provides an easy to use, fully customisable and cost effective platform to create unique online experiences for your audience. With a range of powerful products to suit all formats and budgets, we provide a one-stop solution for the end-to-end delivery of virtual events."


  • Native polling and Q&A functionality

  • Intuitive front-end user interface design

  • Wide range of options for live streaming

  • Strong support structure for organisers

  • Strong networking functionality


  • Hubilo's native ticketing payment system is limited to Stripe.

  • Limited customisation options for native invite mailing system (Mailchimp integration available)

  • Breakout rooms limited to 12 audio/video channels

  • Mobile support needs work.

InEvent logo.png


"All-in-one virtual event platform, InEvent powers experiences that transform attendees into customers, driving sales, profits, efficiency and cost benefits for virtual and hybrid events. Our end to end management software is designed to transform corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, meetings and training sessions all in one dashboard."


  • Great attendee user interface

  • Thorough onboarding team that is always available and very helpful

  • Many customisation options to adjust platform to your unique needs


  • Technical skill needed to make full use of customisation features, can be hard to navigate back end

  • Poor feature support for larger multi-session events

  • Limited native gamification features (integrations possible)

Filo logo.png


"Filo is a virtual event platform that is purpose-built for collaborative events such as workshops, meetings, and internal events. Filo directly integrates Zoom, a market-leading video conferencing platform. This allows for collaborative events with high quality and video quality by using software that many people are familiar with already."


  • White labelled mobile app options

  • Greater flexibility for customisation compared to other platforms

  • Customer service team give great advice on how aspects of the platform can be used


  • Lack of native Q&A function

  • Zoom integration needs work

  • Some integrations are slightly buggy and not as refined as they should be

  • Attendees need to be added into the system ahead of time, if they try to attend last minute or login via a different email they will encounter difficulties

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 3.56.45 pm.png
Event Cube logo.png


"Eventcube is a white label ticketing platform that helps businesses manage events, memberships, and tickets in one platform. Businesses can use the event management tools for ticketing, event scheduling, virtual events, and membership management individually or harness them together to create a seamless experience. All Eventcube modules can be fully customized and combined to create integrated ticket shops, marketplaces, and registration experiences for a wide range of markets and use cases."


  • Responsive customer support

  • Simple event set up process

  • Ticket store customisation

  • Very clear and easy for attendees to navigate


  • Lack of marketing integrations

  • Some compatibility issues on tablet that need work

  • Ticketing, registration, and invites require Qflow integration

  • Additional booking fee charged to customers

Screen Shot 2021-11-18 at 4.08.58 pm.png


"Swapcard is an AI-powered all-in-one event and matchmaking platform that runs impactful in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. AI is used to facilitate B2B matchmaking, connecting users with the most relevant people based on their profile, interests, and custom event journeys. With live exhibitor dashboards to track ROI, real-time event programs, audience engagement features and video calling options, Swapcard delivers valuable user experiences for all types of events."


  • Great customer support infrastructure

  • Great virtual 1:1 networking & matchmaking features

  • Magic links make logging in simple

  • Integration with major ticketing tools


  • Live streaming limited to vimeo and youtube live streaming integrations

  • Limited visual customisation options

  • No native ticketing function (integrations available)

  • No simple way to share content on the fly

  • Attendee video/audio difficult to implement



"Run connections and engagement-driven webinars, hybrid events, conferences, fairs, and meetups that stand out. Airmeet gives you the power to not only run and monetize your events with ease but also keeps your audience in the center through dedicated conversation and engagement spaces that are fully customizable."


  • Lounge tables are great for virtual networking

  • Native virtual background feature

  • Backstage speaker and host chat

  • 24/7 Support for event hosts

  • Native feature for sponsor advertisement integration


  • No audience member audio/video for presenters

  • Mobile app features are more limited

  • Limited post-event analytics reporting

  • Not able to duplicate an event setup

  • Tables not designed to support structured content



"Hopin is an all-in-one, live online events platform with which organizers can create, host and manage live events for up to 100,000 attendees. Hopin's web based virtual venue connects distributed communities, companies, and friends with live video, chat and networking features. Attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world."


  • Intuitive attendee user interface

  • Specialised for networking in B2B environments

  • Large range of tools and integrations available to make your event more interactive 

  • Replicates the feeling of in-person events.


  • 3-step ticket registration authentication process may be too complex for some and lead to drop-offs  during registration process

  • No pre-event setup option for booths

  • No green room for sessions

  • No virtual background for speakers

  • No message log once event ends



"ON24 is on a mission to redefine how organizations engage with their audiences, powering interactive, data-rich webinars and content experiences that help people connect on a more human level and make smarter business decisions. Through ON24, marketers can create Live, On Demand and Personalized Engagement, turn it into actionable intelligence and integrate it across their operations. Informed by over a billion engagement minutes, marketers drive more revenue from ON24 than any other channel."


  • Excellent native polling and engagement functions

  • Detailed user reports and insights

  • Integrated feedback functionality between sessions

  • Upload pre-recorded media and set it as simulive and on-demand.


  • Limited registration page and landing page customisability

  • Technical audio/video issues frequently reported

  • No virtual background change

  • Limited technical support during event


Having trouble finding the right platform?

Get in touch today for a quick obligation-free consultation with one of our expert technical producers to find the right platform for your meeting or event.



"Bizzabo powers immersive in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences. Bizzabo's Event Experience OS is a data-rich open platform that allows Event Experience Leaders to manage events, engage audiences, activate communities, and deliver powerful business outcomes — all while keeping attendee data private and secure."


  • White-labelled mobile app options

  • Greater flexibility for customisation compared to other platforms

  • Easily integrations (Slack, Paypal, Stripe and others)

  • Create custom ticket types and promo codes


  • Missing functionality to schedule 1 on 1 meetings

  • Additional features raise the price considerably



"Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid events platform that empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and drive sustainable growth. As a leading event technology platform, Accelevents is redefining the way brands connect with their audiences with a user-friendly yet robust set of customizable and interactive features."


  • Can be whitelabelled and use customised branding

  • Gamification features that reward audience engagement

  • Very helpful tech support


  • No built in closed captions

  • No option for attendees to communicate verbally with presenters

  • No ability to change or blur video background



"vFairs is the leading virtual conference platform, helping organizations of all sizes take their events online. It’s range of features power best-in-class virtual conferences, summits, trade shows, job fairs, and more. vFairs delivers a visually rich experience with an online environment that mimics a physical event. Connect & engage with audiences at scale using tools like live webinars, networking features, content sharing, and more all within an intuitive, immersive 3D virtual venue."


  • Provides unique and visually appealing virtual world

  • Gives similar feeling to physical event

  • Ability to personalise avatars

  • Leans towards larger scale events


  • When using networking element, an attendee can only connect with an exhibitor and not another attendee

  • Chat interface, especially video interface is very basic and needs to be built out




"Cvent is the global event marketing and management technology leader. Cvent offers software in-person and virtual event solutions for online event registration, in-event engagement, venue selection, event apps, e-mail marketing, and web surveys. Cvent solutions optimize the entire event marketing and management value chain and have enabled clients around the world to manage millions of meetings and events. Cvent solutions maximise the impact of in-person, virtual, and hybrid events."


  • Easy to integrate with platforms such as ON24, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams

  • Data reporting is detailed and informative


  • Building reports can be time consuming

  • Back end is complicated and can be confusing for new users



"6Connex is the leading provider of virtual event solutions. Our secure, cloud-based platform expands audience reach and drives in-depth content engagement for marketing, sales, recruitment, training, and HR communities. Our product portfolio includes virtual environments, learning management, and webinars. Experience engagement at its peak!"


  • Very responsive support team

  • Creates an in-person feel with virtual environments


  • No native event survey feature (third party integrations are possible)

  • No media editing capabilities for pre-recorded videos

  • Limited peer-to-peer interaction functionality

  • Users often find the backend to not be very user friendly and need assistance from support team


Lets Get Digital

"Let's Get Digital software is a platform used to organize virtual events to automate workflows. The software offers tools to create customizable brand and engage better experience for every attendee. The 1-on-1 or group meetings used to create a live interaction with the audience. Export meeting notes with a single click to measure the performance of events. Professionals, Small and Medium companies make use of the software."


  • Easy to use both on the back end and as the audeince

  • Lots of control over design and branding of event

  • Has 'networking carousel' feature where you can easily meet random speakers and attendees one-on-one resulting in great engagement


  • A lot of the various options come at an additional cost

  • No option for liscence fee, pricing structure is instead based on charges per registration, per minute etc.

  • Exhibitors cannot see the names of people at their booth

  • Not compatible on mobile devices

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 9.59.15 am.png


"SpatialChat is a virtual space that brinds the best break-out & networking experience for online events & teams of any size. We make it very easy for you to break out with people across and quickly move between different rooms. Customise your space, set the mood, and create an unforgettable event for your guests. People have been using SpatialChat for virtual conferences, virtual international congresses, virtual workspace, online events, online webinars, online nearning & education, and more."


  • The spatial component ofplatform, being able to customise and control differnt rooms then see attendees explore and communicate in the setting

  • Very intuitive and requires little practice for guests to become familiar with controls


  • Rooms are limited to 50 people each, if event is bigger it must use multiple rooms

  • Screen sharing support needs improvement

  • People are too small on the platform, it would benefit from larger images so that people can see each other more easily

  • Only two roles; admin and attendee, it would be nice to be able to 'tag' speakers or have other role designations

  • Platform security is minimal with only one password granting access, which can be easily shared

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 10.11.13 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 10.07.01 am.png
Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 10.06.25 am.png
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Run The World

"Run The World is an online event platform designed for organisers, attendees, and sponsors worldwide. Unlike one-way webinars or traditional video conferencing, we enable attendee conversations and provide engaging community-building experiences."


  • Attendees can easily drop in and out fo different sessions with all rooms easily accessible in one place.

  • Recordings are available after the event for attendees to review.


  • No option for video interaction been room hosts and attendees

  • Functionality is limited on mobile devices

  • There is no way to filter who is matched with who, you can get matched with potential customers or other members of your own organisation

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