Conference of Directors of National Libraries


National Library of Australia


Online - Zoom 




Client Background

The Conference of Directors of National Libraries was established in 1974 as an independent association of chief executives of national libraries. It exists to facilitate discussion and promote understanding and cooperation on matters of common interest worldwide.

Client vision

The Conference of Directors of National Libraries meets worldwide and is typically held in one of the cities of its member countries. This year, for the first time in history, it had to be held online due to ongoing international travel restrictions.

The client wanted to host an international zoom conference with a duration of 3 hours between up to 100 attendees online. They wanted their webinar to have professional production, Q&A with questions able to be submitted via chat and breakout rooms for discussions.

Client Outcomes

The event ran smoothly and the client's goals were achieved. Attendees were satisfied with the how smoothly the first virtual conference ran.

"Well, what a journey. Thank you both, and of course Julian and Puneeth, for all that you did to help the NLA and the CDNL make their inaugural online conference such a success. You will have received thank you emails from quite a few people already. This is my personal thanks for your understanding, patience with my lack of technical knowledge and occasional tardiness in joining our meetings. Also for your patient response to my many emails.

You did an amazing job with the speaker technical checks, quickly building a good rapport.

I had not expected last night to be quite so intense but of course, it was busy! You handled the requests and questions coming from all directions so calmly and maintained the flow of the overall event – awesome.

Once again my sincere thanks – obviously we could not have done ‘it’ without you"

- Meredith Walton, Executive Officer to Director General (National Library of Australia), September 2021

The solution we provided

The process was highly collaborative throughout, it started with a call entailing what they expected of the event, continued with the client coming up with new ideas and us creating solutions to implement them, then finally settling on which features to incorporate.


Pre-event Presenter Preparation

Our team contacted each presenter and performed technical checks of their computer and internet connections before the meeting. We also ran several rehearsals and dress rehearsals to give the client's team a clear understanding of how the meeting would flow.


Pre-recorded Content

To ensure that the meeting schedules were met, our team advised the client to have presenters record their speeches prior to the event. Q&A sessions would then be hosted after the speeches to allow for interaction between presenter and audience. 

Whole Meeting Goodbye.png

Problems encountered and solutions deployed

The only problem encountered was spotlighting speakers in zoom. When speakers deviated from the run sheet that had been established, we quickly deployed a solution and manually spotlighted the correct person who was speaking so that they would be accurately shown to participants. Besides this, no further challenges were encountered due to then vast pre-production work and planning.