Human Rights Council  Pledging Event for Candidate States


International Service for Human Rights


Zoom, Globally




Clients vision

The client wanted their event executed virtually with real time captioning. They also wanted it streamed in English, French and Spanish to YouTube Live.

Clients outcomes

The event was a success, live-streams ran smoothly in all languages and had many viewers.

"Our sincere thanks go to you and the Congress teams for an outstanding preparation and management of the event. Through your very expert and professional approach, combined with a calm and friendly interaction style with all of us, you gave us full confidence and peace of mind that everything would go well - and it did!"

- Christine do Phan (International Service for Human Rights)

The solution we provided

Language Options

English, French and Spanish were integrated into the main Zoom meeting. This meant that all participants could speak and listen to their own language.


Three versions of the event were streamed to YouTube Live, one for each language, for the public to watch. Captions were also available. During the event nine candidate states spoke on their pledges as incoming Human Rights Council members for 2021-2023. They were also able to answer some questions on pressing human rights issues.

Audience Engagement

Some additional points of interactivity were created for the audience. Participants were able to access a virtual photo booth with a branded filter, here they could take a selfie and upload to a gallery of event photos.